Liza Camacho

Office Manager

Liza Camacho, GPSI Guam

Liza first joined the GPSI Guam team in June of 2015 for the summer before heading back to her residence in Maui, Hawaii.  After two years, she relocated back home and rejoined GPSI Guam in July of 2017.

Early in her career, Liza had studied and worked in the field of education for over ten years, cumulatively, and had discovered a love for business management along the way.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from the University Phoenix and has decades of administrative experience in a variety of fields.  She has held positions in veterinary hospital management, front desk management, a staff assistant for the Front Office of Guam, property management and is an experienced Real Estate Agent.

During her employment with GPSI Guam, she was given the opportunity to learn about the Federal Government Acquisition, processes to Small Business certifications, be a part of the planning and preparation of proposal writing and explore the field of Human Resources.

Liza is the biggest fan of her two sons and enjoys Sundays at the beach with family.

She aspires to own a small business one day and is working toward continuing her education at the University of Guam.